First Step

Li’l one took his first step today- ten days after his first birthday. It was nothing like as I have read in baby center- knee bent, legs parted a bit sideways. He walked as if he knows how to walk, happily gnawing a ‘jamrul’ from his Aunt’s tree that she grows on her roof top, while giving me a witty smile- he walked three step and fell down.

I was stressing over him taking another bite- can’t even remember what did I offer. And all of a sudden another milestone happened like a magic. I was happy. Happy because I kept him alive till now. I wish to preserve this moment as long as I can.

P.S. The pictured steps are his second step/ or third as his Dad will say. According to him Li’l one walked yesterday in front of him. Well one step without support while taking a turn can’t be considered as first step. Or can it be?